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Direct Trade

The shorter the chain, the fairer the share for everyone involved.

Vietnamese Koffie - Premium Vietnamese Koffie Belvico Food
Our commitment to direct trade.

Belvico is a small family business with the main goal of letting you discover authentic Vietnamese coffee while at the same time working honestly and directly with our coffee farmers.

The distance the beans travel is short, which means we can offer both our farmers and our customers a fair price. From the coffee plantations in the Lam Dong province, the dried harvest is brought to our central coffee roaster in Bao Loc.

Linh, Belvico's co-founder and passionate coffee expert, guarantees quality control and roasting. Then Julie, Linh's wife and right-hand man, organizes the distribution to the Vietnamese customers and our distribution point in Belgium.


Tessa, Kay's sister, delivers your direct and delicious cup of coffee from here.

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