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Earth Day: What We’re Doing to Help Care for Our Planet

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today is the day to celebrate this beautiful planet we're living on.

At Belvico, we care about this Earth and we know that, as coffee lovers, you share our commitment to sustainability. Starting our coffee journey four years ago, we asked ourselves how we could have a lower environmental impact on this planet producing our coffee.

We sat together with our team for a brainstorming session and that's when the idea to set up a circular economy system for our coffee emerged.

Have you heard of a circular economy system before? Read on to learn more about how we implement it at Belvico and why it is good for our planet.

Circular Economy at Belvico

In short, a circular economy is an economic system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design. It replaces the end-of-life concept with restoration.

In our case, used coffee grounds from our roastery and our clients become so-called “high nitrogen” input for our composting pile. This compost turns into a bio-fertilizer for the coffee trees of our farmers.

And so the waste from one becomes the input for another and nothing goes to waste. Full circle.

A circular way of communicating

Not only do we implement the idea of a circular economy when it comes to our products, but we also hold this idea high in terms of the relationships we build with our farmers.

Today, we're proud to say we've established a sustainable way of working with our farmers built on mutual respect. We value each other's knowledge and keep an open, circular communication which in turn improves our processes.

In working this closely with our farmers, we've for example immensely improved the quality of our Robusta blend. We're now renowned for being able to guarantee our customers a consistent supply of high-quality beans.

5 Easy tips to live more sustainable

  • Bring your own shopping bags when you go food shopping

  • Buy local and support conscious brands

  • Before you buy something new ask yourself "Can I repair this?"

  • Invest in a reusable water bottle or coffee cup and take it with you on the go

  • Eat more plants and less meat

We hope this has given you a better understanding of what we're doing to help care for our planet and that you feel inspired to make some small changes in your own life to become more sustainable.

Every little bit helps. Happy Earth Day!


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